Spa London – Midas Touch Treatment Review

Spa London – Midas Touch Treatment Review

Of my fave luxury pastimes is going to a spa….. The indulgence, escape and pure relaxation calls to me, especially in my current role as a new mum. So when SPA London asked if I would like to come and review their new Midas Touch treatment I jumped at the chance.

SPA London have multiple sites primarily based in leisure centres. I was invited to visit the Wimbledon branch which is housed within the Wimbledon Leisure centre. Although the initial welcome into the building is very sports centre like, once you enter the spa the relaxing music and welcoming staff soon started to aid my relaxation.IMG_5828

Overall the facilities of the spa are relatively good, there is a relaxation room which offer dimmed lighting and relaxing day beds and then one main spa area from which the saunas and steam rooms branch off.

Unfortunately on the day I visited the hydrotherapy pool was out of order which was a real shame. The rain shower, foot baths and ice plunge shower are also welcome additions to the area. One thing of key importance for me was that all of the areas were spotlessly clean.

Onto to the treatment. For anyone not in the know, the £70 Midas Touch Treatment is named after King Midas, who is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This came to be called the golden touch, or the Midas touch.

The treatment lasts 90 minutes and began with an all-over body scrub and foot ritual using the new SPA London Gold range of products and is followed by a refreshing shower. I loved the foot ritual especially and the scrub smelt delicious. My only query was that after starting to really relax I was then ask to get up and go into a shower which looked remarkably like it belonged in a gym.IMG_5826

During previous experiences of scrubs I have always been showered lying down on the table with a bed that drains the water, something I would have much preferred. Following this I was then treated to a sublime deep tissue massage with Thai herb compresses where the therapist worked out a lot of kinks! My therapist (Sam) was excellent and at the end of the massage gave me some simple exercises to help with my aches and pains.

Overall the experience was great and all the staff from the front desk to the therapists were excellent and  very friendly. Although the spa isn’t big enough to spend a whole day enjoying I will definitely be returning for an afternoon of escape in the future (daddy daycare permitting!).

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The Midas touch was an excellent treatment, perfect to treat yourself or someone else this Christmas

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