The Rave of Thrones – Review

The Rave of Thrones – Review

Rave of thrones promised a ‘fully immersive’ event with a full castle hall themed stage production and the chance to ‘brush shoulders with Daenerys and her dragon children’ plus a full pyrotechnic show to rival the battle of Mereen and the White Walkers dropping in through a blizzard.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, I know how these events can hype themselves up and promise little so I was not too surprised when the reality did not quite match what was promised. I saw no blizzards, and only caught a glimpse of the characters mingling with the crowd once perhaps, with a very unimpressive ‘dragon’ bumbling about. Apparently, there was one stage show I missed, but I did catch a battle between Jon and the Night King which didn’t exactly embattle the thrills you get from the episodes.

There was an iron throne as promised but the queues were ridiculous to get on it.

Underwhelming? Yes, a bit.

However, it was still a really fun night as everyone there was in good spirits, and while the music was not quite my taste as it was quite EDM and trance heavy, it was high energy and there were definitely a few bangers thrown in that got everyone dancing. And while the dragon may have been my height, the cheesiness of the whole affair gave us quite a laugh.

However, nothing will beat seeing ‘Hodor’ shred the electric guitar to a ‘rock’ version of the theme tune. It was certainly less disappointing than the most recent episodes of GoT! Yes, I said it!

  • Dragon
  • Music
  • Props
  • Hodor


They had a lot to live up to and while it was a valiant effort, it fell well short of the show it tried to emulate. P.s. The dragon got 2.5 out of 5 for amusement.

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