As crazy golf increases in popularity, East London has always been dominant in terms of the number of choices one has for crazy golf venues, especially ones with a fine alcohol selection, so it’s refreshing to visit an exciting new crazy golf course in West London.

Although its also kids friendly, with a kids crazy golf course alongside the adults (though I’m 100% sure it’s actually harder than the adult one, because I had to do it too, for research purposes), the venue has a nice variety of alcoholic drinks for adults, alongside the milkshakes and juices, containing 2 pretty good cocktails, a strawberry flavoured Passionate Kiss and a Pina Colada, a selection of wine and beers and some mixers. Additionally, no one judges you for freely slipping on your third cocktail around other peoples energised golfing children. When it comes to food that is also an option that is available as the golf course is right next to the golf course is also a nice Italian restaurant, for a meal after an exhausting day of crazy golfing.
putt crazy drinks
In terms of the golf courses (a topic I should have probably started off with), the theme is Mayans and Dinosaurs, topics both adults and kids love (because who doesn’t love dinosaurs and who isn’t fascinated by sacrificial pyramids?). The course also gets points for being in-doors, making it fun all year round, instead of just during the rain-free 2 months a year you feel is a good time to crawl out of your flat and be active outdoors. One of the most fun holes I’ve experienced in a crazy golf course is in the kids section of the venue, and it comes with a series of 4 drums, all of which you have to hit to get the ball into the hole in one, and of course, it also makes the most satisfying sound if you succeed.
All in all, it’s a venue for both child-free adults and less-child-free adults, giving everyone something to enjoy. For more information:
280 Watford Road,
Tel: 020 8054 3333