Parallax Art Fair – July 25 & 26th – Review

Parallax Art Fair – July 25 & 26th – Review

This weekend I was invited to the Parallax art fair at the Chelsea Town Hall, a grade II listed building, which seemed a grand place for an art fair. My expectations were high. Straight down the black and white tiled corridor, and then out into a large room, the fair was already underway.

5 minutes in and I had already spotted a few interesting pieces. Victoria Coleman’s pet portraits were a joy to behold as she puts a cheeky spin on various animals, my favourite being the pilot pug. Jeff Murray’s intricate mapwork drew you in, as he illustrates areas of land using pen drawn flora and fauna with animals popping out in bright technicolour. His latest piece took him 300 hours over 23 days to draw and the result is astonishing. Helen Roowalla (Hero) caught my eye for her pop abstract art style in bright punchy colours on large canvasses.

From delicate water colours, intricate mosaics, abstract ceramics, to handmade jewelry and textiles – there was something for everyone and, more importantly, at an affordable price. Ranging from around £40 for a small painting and averaging around the £150 mark, this reasonable pricing of art was refreshing. The most expensive piece I saw was around £400, which for an original piece of art is extremely reasonable.

Parallax Art Fair
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I would recommend Parallax Art Fair to art lovers, even if it's just for a look at what the latest raft of creatives are producing – who knows, you might find something that you want to (and can) buy! Keep an eye out for the next one

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