Ready to find the best rooftop bars in London, the most exciting socially distanced events in May, then the finest unrestricted fun from June? Ping Culture is a totally free to use, one-stop-shop for quickly and easily finding everything from venue or event info, exclusive offers, lineups and plenty more. After the huge hit to the hospitality industry, Ping has made it easier than ever for you to find and interact with the hidden gems of your area to help get the industry back on its feet. Designed very much with a streamlined and fully integrated consumer experience in mind, the app works on both Android and iOS and has a lightweight web version at, with plans to expand across the UK, Dubai and Ibiza later this year.

Made In Chelsea’s Digby Edgley has teamed up with good pals on this brand new app that celebrates their famous love of going out and enjoying the good life. Ping is all about helping you maximize your every night out, planning the most sublime weekend adventure, and ushering in the long-awaited return of London’s hospitality industry.

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