How to stay safe during the Queens Jubilee Weekend

How to stay safe during the Queens Jubilee Weekend

Adapted from the original article by our friends at Safe & the City. The app that helps you stay safe when you’re out and about in London.

While no one can predict the future, Safe & the City are sure about the massive events and ways to keep safe, whether you’re getting into the centre of the crowds or avoiding them at all costs.

They have created a helpful 4-day summary of the events planned and street-smart tips to keep safe.

Thursday, June 2nd

From 11:00 am on June 2nd, for the start of the Queen’s Jubilee what better way than to celebrate with the Trooping the Colour military parade and air show. If you’re mapping your route about catching a glimpse of the Royals or planning your way around the parade, it will begin at Buckingham Palace, move down The Mall, then to Horse Guard’s Parade, then back again. The parade is expected to finish by precisely 12.25 pm.

👉🏽 Safety Tip: While hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected to be in attendance, which will also include military, police, and security personnel. Don’t let that stop you from noting the closest one if anything goes wrong for you or anyone near you. Phone signals can fail you in crowded areas, so visibility looking for someone who can help and how you may get out of a situation that starts to feel unsafe.

Friday, June 3rd

At 11:00 am on June 3rd, The Royal Family will attend a thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. It will be a private affair in person, but it will be on the television if you want to watch it.

👉🏽 Safety Tip: Getting in and out of Central London is still likely to be rammed and although, luckily, this TfL strike was cancelled, make sure to take water with you. Those underground lines, large lines, a forecasted sunny day and all those British flags may make you a bit faint.

Saturday, June 4th

From 16:30 on June 4th, the Queen’s plans to attend the Epsom Derby have changed, but other Royal family members will be there (possibly) putting bets on their favourite racehorses. Once again, expect large crowds, a bit fancier dressed than any different location and significant traffic delays getting in and out of the area.

👉🏽 Safety Tip: While it may be about showing off your new outfit when people are most comfortable, they are more likely to be victims of opportunistic crimes like pickpocketing. Thieves know this, too, especially at events like this. You won’t likely notice them, so take minimal valuables with you.

Sunday, June 5th

Starting at 11:00 am until 14:00 on June 5th, millions plan to attend the insanely large 85,000 Big Jubilee Lunches across the UK and Northern Ireland. The final parade will take place from 14:00, circling around St James’s Park.

👉🏽 Safety Tip: More people will be moving around the city to get to their tasty lunch. Need to meet someone there? This is one of the things What3Words, was invented for. You’ll get the precise the address of where to meet your crew safe and sound for that coronation chicken sandwich you’ve been craving. What3Words is also an excellent tool for sharing 3 words of a location with the family as a safe meeting point, especially when people in the group aren’t familiar with the area. Picking a location and sharing those 3 words with your group on bits of paper that can be handed to a police officer or steward if your phone is lost or stolen can mean the difference between panic and quickly finding family and friends.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable Queen’s Jubilee holiday, no matter how you plan on spending it.

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