Hammer House of Horror Live – The Soulless Ones

Hammer House of Horror Live – The Soulless Ones

With IT in the cinema and Halloween just around the corner, we shouldn’t really be surprised by a scary immersive theatre show, or that it’s only for 18+.

What is perhaps surprising is that it’s the first immersive theatre show from the legendary Hammer Films.

The story centers around Carmilla, Queen of the Vampires and human attendees can immerse themselves what promises to bevin a sensuous, sexy, spine tingling world.

In the show, Hoxton Hive of Vampires attempt a bloody ritual that will allow them to appear in the daylight. Set in the unique atmosphere of The Hoxton Hall, billed as one of London’s finest Victorian music halls.

You can move from dusty vaults, and bewitching opium dens, to bed chambers, and creaking attics.

There’s a whopping 105 scenes to explore in two hours. Created by some of the most accomplished players in London’s thrilling immersive scene, which goes a long way to justifying the £50pp cost of a ticket.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will have the same experience. But the producers promise that every experience will be unforgettable.

If you’re tempted to go to The Soulless Ones, from Hammer House of Horror. It’s probably best if you don’t go alone.

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