Being Grand in Clapham – DJ Yoda and £1 Cinema Club

Being Grand in Clapham – DJ Yoda and £1 Cinema Club

DJ Yoda is very much flavour of the month at the moment with his ‘Stranger Things’ mixtape going viral, and his ‘History Of Hip Hop’ show has been a sell out in Ibiza all summer. His trip to Clapham Grand this friday (August 12th) is the only UK date for this show and will be shown on huuuge 30ft x 20ft HD screens!

I saw his Sci-Fi show a few years ago and was completely fixated for the entire thing. Part of me was WOW and the other part was WHAT THE HELL is happening. I imgine this will be no different.

Speaking of these massive screens, the Clapham Grand is making them pay their way this summer with its The £1 cinema club offering. Movies include Straight Outta Compton on the same night as DJ Yoda. Dirty Dancing, Spice World, Space Jam and 24 Hour Party People. All of these include immersive activities. With the Grand invloved this could mean pretty much anything, I’m not even going to try and guess….. oh apart from maybe drinking…..

See listings below or find more info and tickets etc. via their website

1 cinema club

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