It generally has to be something amazing for me to A) want to share a brand video and B) want to actually write about it.

Yeah there’s trucks with famous people balancing on, pony’s moonwalking and people skydiving from space but what does that prove? Probably that with enough money anything is possible, but if you don’t have untold riches you have to get really creative, which reminds us of London Life in general.

London often feels like the center of the Universe and for good reason, but what if you could virtually escape it all and get YOUR FACE IN SPACE? Not many people could beat that, apart from astronauts and really really rich people who can afford to take a casual plane ride.

So when we came across an energy drink brand called Emerge, who are kinda sticking two fingers up to the man with their latest campaign and proving that you can get to space on a budget.

Emerge are offering fans the chance to at least get their face in space for free, you could say it’s a low budget space expedition. In the video you’ll see a guy hitching a lift to space on a bunch of balloons, floating into the clouds to the classic track of ‘The Joker’ by The Steve Miller Band.

So if like us you want to get #YourFaceInSpace watch the video and click the link at the end.

Or head straight to their Facebook Page and you’ll be asked to upload a selfie, the winning face will be sent stratospheric for all your mates (and the world) to see. So be mindful it has to be awesome enough to win but since you’ll be going down in the history books somewhere, you’ll probably want to be able to show your grand kids with pride.

Let’s be realistic, it’s probably the closest we’ll ever get to becoming an astronaut!