Daredevil Alex Thomson’s latest stunt – The Skywalk

Daredevil Alex Thomson’s latest stunt – The Skywalk

Having long established himself as a daredevil, British round-the-world sailor, Alex Thomson 41 (and looking good for it), has released yet another death-defying cool looking stunt. In past stunts, Thomson, on a kiteboard, has used his IMOCA open 60 Hugo Boss yacht to pull of a Mastwalk, and Keelwalk with awesome results. His latest stunt, set off the coast of Portugal, is almost unsurprisingly a Skywalk and feels like an advert for Hugo Boss, which is exactly what it is (with Mercedes-Benz along for the ride).

It is a slick, obviously dangerous stunt, yet oozing cool with a bit of “We can do Red Bull adverts cooler than Red Bull” / James Bond, as Alex does the whole thing in a suit. So watch for yourself and let us know what you think? Should his next stunt be racing a Thames Clippers from Tower Bridge to the Thames Barrier?

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