Have you conquered The Crystal Maze yet?

Have you conquered The Crystal Maze yet?

The Crystal Maze has been on my to do list ever since it was announced, but two things have stopped me, tickets were a challenge to get. (Was that part of their plan? Some kind of pre challenge challenge?) Plus the fear of actually being as bad as many of the people on the show.

At best aimlessly waving my hands around and trying to grab as much gold stuff as I can, at worst failing a challenge, the time running out and being left behind by my so called friends, who value time in the Dome over friendship.

But with more tickets now released for October to December and also back on Channel 4. Perhaps now is the time to finally get off my backside and face my fears. For some, this will be the ultimate live experience, but with over 100,000 players through the doors, there’s a good chance the hardcore fans have already been. That said, with four zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval and the launch of a new game, there looks like plenty to go back for.

Most of you will know the drill, but for those who don’t, your team is supposed to work together to complete challenges and earn crystals and what crystals make?? Time in the final challenge of course…. The Crystal Dome.

The Crystal Maze Dome

But to get to the Dome your abilities will likely be tested to the max and embarrassment of failure is also very likely.

I might procrastinate a bit longer before I go, but if you think you have what it takes you can buy tickets here


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