Byron Burgers – Father Cheesemas – Topped with Cheese made from Bacon

Byron Burgers – Father Cheesemas – Topped with Cheese made from Bacon

Every year I wonder what will get me excited about Christmas, John Lewis nearly did (Though I much prefer the Star Wars parody by The Poke) but not quite. Various other things have made me go Ooooo momentarily and various coffee chains have just done the same as they did last year.

But Byron Burgers might have just caught me at the right time with their new Father Cheesemas burger.  Billed as the daddy of all double bacon cheeseburgers. It comes with two 6oz hamburgers topped with not just crispy bacon, but Bacon Freddar Cheese™ created by their head chef whose name is Fred, hence the name. YES cheese made with/from bacon, I don’t know how they make it but do you really want to know? I know I don’t, I just want it in and around my mouth.

Their festival side dish comes in the form of Holy Macaroni, creamy cheesy pasta laced with green chilli and roasted green peppers.

Whilst those with a sweet tooth are now offered Oreo Cheesecake and Caramel & Salted Pretzel milkshake, but the star of the show has to be unnamed (1)Father Cheesemas. I only hope I can find the time to see if tasting it makes me feel even more festive than looking at it.

Finally I should mention that they have joined forces with One Feeds Two, so each time you buy Father Cheesemas, they provide a school meal for children living in some of the poorest places in the world, so you can feel good about stuffing your face.

If you taste it before we do please let us know if it’s as awesome it sounds! TA

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