The Baby Show London – The road to Fatherdom beckons

The Baby Show London – The road to Fatherdom beckons

Part of life is the producing of new life, in London that often means Shit how we going to afford a baby and views towards the suburbs (Zones 4-6) or heaven forbid not in a zone at all. As I get used to the idea of parenthood myself I am doing what any grown man would do in this situation “What I’m Told”. This weekend I have the pleasure of experiencing The Baby Show (20,21,22nd Feb), a world which a few months ago would have sounded like HELL on earth. Now it fills me with excitement, intrigue and mild fear, as why do we need a Baby show? They didn’t have them 2,000 years ago or did they leave that out of the bible?

Of course a lot of this is irrational as it simply stems from the fear that I know nothing about parenthood and my growing enthusiasm is great but I should really be grateful to such a show for providing me with as much information and potential SJH_7833baby gadgets as I have been informed that I am in charge of those. 🙂 All my mother got was a baby doll to play with whilst in labour, she dropped that and it’s head fell off, thankfully she never dropped me on my head (as far as I’m aware).

So I go to The Baby Show at the Excel with my eyes wide open, apparently Daddynatal is a must for me as they will help me and my cluelessness. I will also push Transportation Systems (also known as prams) like a guy buying a car, looking at ride height, maneuverability, storage space, colour, trim and erm alloys. I’ll likely take every leaflet in the hope that they will mean something, sometime in the future. I can also guarantee I’ll drop at least one thing and say something inappropriate when asked if I need any help with a gadget that turns out to be a milk expresser. I shall also remember at all times that everyone here wants to sell me something and I’m probably the perfect demographic, I’m sure they can smell clueless a mile away.

But I shall go, I shall triumph and I shall blog about the victories and fails of my day trip to The Baby Show. More importantly I’m going to do what I’m told. Perhaps it won’t be as scary as I’m making out.

P.s. If I run out screaming and hide in a pub I will review that instead.

P.P.S. if you think Valentine’s day / 50 Shades of Grey might have given you a little surprise then there’s also a Baby Show in Birmingham in May.

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