Adele is back with new Single and Album

Adele is back with new Single and Album

Adele is easily one of London’s most loved singers of our generation and boy have we missed her voice.

For those of you who are in the know or prefer to spend weekends watching the xfactor you already saw this coming with her teasing adverts. What few of us thought or realised was that her new single ‘Hello’ would be coming so soon.

Strangely with the new Bond film also coming out, it is her first single since she’s released since her 2012 Bond theme “Skyfall.

Adele also Tweeted a picture of a letter to add to the suspense.


The Album is due for release on 20th of November but such is the anticipation and hype. It wouldn’t surprise me if this  topped the charts along with the single until the xfactor winner is announced. Simon better hope his winner has something really special come Christmas time.

CD sales might be on the decline but I can see this being in a lot of stockings this Christmas.

I can’t wait for the album but after 3 years I’m more than happy with a single and another months wait for the album. It’s been too long.


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