A Journey Through Turkish Tradition: World Raki Week Hosted by Yeni Raki in the UK

A Journey Through Turkish Tradition: World Raki Week Hosted by Yeni Raki in the UK

The Launch of World Raki Week Yeni Raki, synonymous with the spirit of Türkiye, has ambitiously embarked on hosting the World Raki Week in London. This event, a vibrant celebration of Turkish culture and traditions, is set to bring a piece of Türkiye to the UK through an array of week-long activities.

On a cold Tuesday night in Hoxton we attended the press event for World Raki Week at Dükkan and we were quickly warmed up by a Yen Raki perfect pour. What followed were a series of food courses and cocktails that transported us into the wonderful world of Raki and Turkish food. So, if you’re a Raki fan or curious to find out more about this surprisingly versatile tipple, read on about what you can expect. 👇

A Week-Long Cultural Fusion The festivities commence at Hoxton’s renowned TT Liquor, where East meets West in a harmonious blend. The program, meticulously designed by food and drink connoisseurs, offers a journey through Turkish customs with innovative twists.

Exclusive Mixology Classes at TT Liquor On the 4th and 5th of December, TT Liquor’s bespoke mixology rooms become the stage for an immersive Yeni Raki cocktail experience. Limited to 15 participants each day, these classes are a haven for cocktail enthusiasts, offering a chance to master Yeni Raki cocktails and savor unique mezze dishes.

Breaking Traditions with Berkok Yüksel A highlight of the week, the ‘Breaking Traditions’ party on December 7th, hosted in collaboration with National Geographic’s Berkok Yüksel at Dükkan, promises an evening of British classics infused with Turkish twists. The ‘Hangover Pie’ stands as a testament to this culinary creativity. Oh that hanger pie was amazing!!

A British Twist by Douglas Blyde at Rüya Douglas Blyde, celebrated food and drink expert from the Evening Standard, hosts an exclusive soirée at Rüya on December 8th. This event, limited to 20 enthusiasts, features a menu prepared in collaboration with chef Halit Deniz and a musical ambiance by Debora Ipekel.

Celebrating the Finale: The Breaking Traditions Closing Party The grand finale on December 9th, again hosted by Berkok Yüksel, returns to Dükkan for an exhilarating close. This evening encapsulates the essence of World Raki Week with raki cocktails, mezze, and vibrant entertainment.

Celebrating from Home: Bringing Türkiye to Your Table For those unable to attend, Yeni Raki facilitates a virtual celebration. The Yeni Raki Amazon store offers next-day delivery, bringing the spirit of Türkiye right to your doorstep.

Secure Your Spot at World Raki Week With tickets starting at £30, these events promise an unforgettable experience. Availability is limited and the full list of events are listed below.

World Raki Week by Yeni Raki schedule:

Monday 4th December – Tale of Two Continents at TT Liquor – 6.30pm – 8.30pm – £30

Tuesday 5th December – Tale of Two Continents at TT Liquor – 6.30pm – 8.30pm – £30

Thursday 7th December – Breaking Traditions with Berkok Yüksel at Dukkan – 6.30pm – 11pm- £30

Friday 8th December – A British Twist with Douglas Blyde at Rüya – 7:00pm – 9.30pm – £50

Saturday 9th December – Breaking Traditions with Berkok Yüksel at Dukkan – 6.30pm- 10pm – £30

+ A series of social and digital activities throughout the week

Want a seat at World Raki Week event by Yeni Raki? Tickets start from £30 but be quick as they are limited, and sold on a first come, first serve basis. Visit www.worldrakiweek.com to secure your space event, or enter a prize draw to win a host of limited edition Yeni Raki goodies.

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