6 things you could buy instead of an £8,000 Apple Watch

6 things you could buy instead of an £8,000 Apple Watch

There’s no denying that the new Apple Watch looks nice but at prices of up to and beyond £8,000 for the swankier versions these are out of the reach of many Londoners, however I did still spend the last few days wondering  what I’d rather a spend that money on (if we had it).

  • A different watch. The new Pebble Time is the one to beat as it works across Apple and Android, it also has a massive 7 day battery life and a hell of a lot
    Pebble Time vs Apple Watch

    cheaper. Alternatively what about a Blink Time Watch from Maplin. This basically functions exactly the same as an  Apple Watch in super battery saving mode AKA only showing you the time and date. At only £2.99 you could buy all your friends on Facebook one and still have £7,000 ish left over. Seemingly only available in Pink though

  • 5 months’ rent in this tiny flat in Soho, measuring only 301 square feet. It might be stupidly expensive but at least you’d have a roof over your head and enough left over to buy a Blink Time Watch and maybe a second one to put on your tiny wall
TINY flat

  •  Go to a Pop Up or Supper Club 5 days a week, every week until Christmas. You’d have about £39 a day to play with, a quick look at Edible Experiences and there are quite a few that fall under that price bracket. Lobster Supper Club and Moules Night come in at a wallet friendly £30 and most of the others are below £40 and just think of all the money you could ‘save’ not cooking at home.  This could also be a new 5-2 watch diet, 5 days a week having too much fun to care what time it is, 2 days in a food coma not caring what time it is.
  • You can either have Mickey Mouse on your Rose gold Apple watch or actually go and see Mickey Mouse in Florida. I went on Virgin Holidays and maxed out a 14 night stay for two at the awesome looking Dolphin Hotel, with tickets to all the parks and some other stuff I didn’t really understand and I still had over £2,000 left.

  • And finally an Apple Watch Sport, OK this maybe a bit of a copout but it does exactly the same as the £8,000 version and is £7,701 cheaper. The only real difference is you’re less likely to have your hand chopped off by scary people, which I’m still waiting for the Daily Mail to warn us all about. Still can’t afford that? BBC News has just reported you can get a knock off version already on Chinese eCommerce site  Alibaba for about £27. Just remember you get what you pay for.

What would you rather spend £8,000 on?

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