5 things I’d rather do if I could go Back to the Future

With Secret Cinema cancelled on Thursday for the opening night and cancelled tonight (Friday) as well. Things aren’t looking good even though I’m sure it will be fantastic when it finally opens, that’s not good enough for all those people who bought tickets. But rather than wade in with stories of lots of unhappy people, which you can read about via the tweet below if you prefer. I thought I’d look at some lighthearted time travel alternatives, that if I could I would do instead.

1) This one is a pretty obvious one, I’d checkout the next few Secret Cinemas to see if any of the next ones run into problems. Though of course no one would believe me and I’d resort to walking round London with a sandwich board and ranting on twitter

2) Get a million of these ‘Bunch O Balloons’, takeover  Trafalgar Square and invite as many people as possible. Basically the pillow fight idea but with water balloons. This invention means we could easily do it without standing in a huge line to fill them or trying to carry them on the tube without bursting or being tempted to throw them at rude people.  Sadly they’re not out till next year πŸ™ so we’d need to time travel, but it would be worth it! P.s. If someone will sponsor us we’ll happily organise the event πŸ™‚

3) Admittedly I’m more of a Football fan than a Rugby fan, but there’s no beating the atmosphere at Twickenham and the fact they trust you enough to drink in your seat. So I’d head off to the Rugby World Cup next year, watch a few games as there are still tickets (we think). Get dressed up and drunk, but not too drunk that I forgot the scores, which wouldn’t be good as I’d place some bets when I got back and open a casino.

4) I’d visit a load of London Restaurants that aren’t open until 2015 and review them well in advance. Places like: Biblioteka, a Β£15 Million 17,000 square foot restaurant with private dining rooms,  a champagne bar, this is the HUGE love child of the people behind Soho favourite Bob Bob Ricard. Soho House City Hotel, which is The old Midland Bank on Poultry, apparently Goldfinger was filmed there and is becoming a new hotel with restaurants and bars, including one appropriately in the vault and one on the roof. Smith & Wollensky a small New York Steak Restaurant chain, which is due to open it’s first in London next year, I’d chow down on their USDA prime beef and signature seafood dishes. You can check out a more comprehensive list of new restaurant openings on Hot Dinners 

5) I’d take a leaf out of Chris Hewitts tweet and while I know where the reference is from, I’d take my future self and future kids to Back to the Future Secret Cinema when it finally opens, probably some time in 2026

Well that’s just 5 off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are millions more I could add if I had the time, you’re welcome to suggest them in the comments below and I hope Secret Cinema sort out this mess asap.

Update: I’d do one more thing! I’d buy Rufus Hound a drink for being such a nice guy! Nice one Rufus, I salute you!


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