The Worship Street Whistling Shop Presents – The Juniper Journey by Tanqueray Gin

The Worship Street Whistling Shop Presents – The Juniper Journey by Tanqueray Gin

Gin lovers can taste their way along a journey of juniper drinks past, present and future at the Worship Street Whistling Shop. Visitors are promised a first-hand experience of the Juniper Journey 2craft, passion and innovation that has shaped the cocktails we know and love today.

So as we are partial to the odd Gin and Tonic, we decided to visit a pre-launch event to see what all the fuss was about.

Our tasting took place in The Dram Shop, which was a rather intimate experience to say the least; this was basically a small Victorian style, gin inspired space with an old bath in the middle. Our experience was curated by Tristan Stephenson, who we were told is a world-renowned mixologist and one of The Whistling Shop’s founders.

Tristan took us on a rather fascinating journey of never seen before concoctions uncovered from the very recipe books that Tanqueray founder Charles scribed in the 1800s, a rather pleasant but unique liquor distilled from an old recipe. Next Tristan stirred our interest with a classic Martini and explained why some taste better than others, before finally enjoying an exclusive ‘never tasted before’ cocktail.

While the tasting didn’t last very long, it didn’t need to. Tristan took us on an interesting and rather tasty gin journey. His presenting style was relaxed and informative, you soon realise that there is a reason why almost everything, including the bath is in The Dram Shop. What surprised us was the level of access given to him by a brand like Tanqueray and while we fully expect that they tasted his concoctions prior to putting their name to them, we were still impressed.

Almost as impressive was the bottle of limited edition shoe polish created by Tristan from a recipe devised by Charles Tanqueray in 1843, the contents of which we will let him explain. There are also complimentary shoe shining sessions using the polish from probably the most polite person we have ever met in London ever.

So if you’re a gin fan or just like the idea of sitting round an old bath for an hour drinking with random people then this is for you, especially if your shoes need shining.Polish for Boots

Dates: Tuesday 12th November, Tuesday 19th November, Tuesday 26th November and Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Timings: Interactive sessions held on the hour at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm

Venue: The Worship Street Whistling Shop, 63 Worship Street, EC2A 2DU

Interesting while tickets are priced at a reasonable £15.00 they are only available to buy exclusively on YPlan. You can download YPlan from the iPhone or Android App Store to get your hands on tickets, which you can purchase 48 hours before each event.

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