Secret Cinema presents a worldwide Screening Protest

Secret Cinema presents a worldwide Screening Protest

Earlier this week the world woke up to the image of a little boy dead on the beach, each news outlet dealt with it in its own way and social media did its thing. One thing was clear, the world and the UK in particular needed to act, we are all humans on one planet and these powerful heart breaking images seemed to create a sense of positive change.

Of all the events that have cropped up since, the Secret Cinema worldwide Screening Protest grabbed my attention the most, I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s because they know the power of images and the effect they can have. Or it was the heart felt message from Fabien which felt devoid of any corporate spin. They have become masters of creating the sensory experiences that often challenge your thinking, but perhaps this is their greatest challenge yet. Could Secret Cinema, who are experts in making fantasy into reality, be able to make something very real even more real?

Either way I wanted to draw attention to whatever it is they are planning. Details are currently scarce, all I know at this point is there will be a worldwide event screening a film on 12th September and they are looking for people to not only attend but to put on their own events across the world.

Will this raise money for refugees? I don’t know. Will the protest raise awareness of the issue and the plight of so many who are risking their lives? I hope so. All I know is that if there is a way you feel you can help by doing something or giving something, YOU should.

If you are interested in this event and want to attend, join the event on Facebook below and look out for updates. If you’re interested in hosting an event you can via a post on this event. Once I have more info I will update this post and if you think there are other events that LDN Life should cover please get in touch via the Contact Us page or add an Event to our Event section


It is time to ACT. Join us now.

Posted by Secret Cinema on Wednesday, 2 September 2015


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