Random Acts of Thoughtfulness Across London

Random Acts of Thoughtfulness Across London

London can be a little unkind sometimes. Everyone rushing around with scant regard for their fellow city dwellers, especially now it’s so cold and wet. Or, rather, colder and wetter than usual.PFYT_bike-e1448807905812
So the guys at online magazine and creative studio Thoughtful have taken it upon themselves to encourage random acts of thoughtfulness across the city. They’ve placed loads of small origami envelopes all over London, each containing a penny and this message:
Hello. Here’s a penny. Pennies are, as you probably know, lucky. We hope this one brings you the luck you need today.
If you’re already feeling lucky, why not pass the good fortune on? Replace the penny and put this somewhere for someone else to find. Maybe scribble a thoughtful note inside.
Or, if you’re feeling really generous, stuff in a little more and give it to someone who could use some extra luck. After all, it’s a time for giving.
“By encouraging people to pay it forward, we hope each envelope passes a bit of kindness from coffee shop to office to public transport and beyond. Ultimately we aim to get thousands of generously filled envelopes into charity buckets, tip jars, busker boxes and anywhere else a little generosity might be needed,” says Daianna Karaian, Thoughtful’s founder.

Focusing on lifestyle, design and culture that’s changing things for the better, the guys at Thoughtful believe small change can make a big difference. So they’re open-sourcing their nifty origami envelopes, so that anyone in London or beyond can get involved. All you need is a printer, a penny and the instructions available at thisisthoughtful.com/projects.

Pass it on.


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