Our Top 5 Places to watch the Rugby World Cup in London

Our Top 5 Places to watch the Rugby World Cup in London

The Rugby world cup is finally here, 44 days of large grown men throwing a funny shaped ball to each other, many dressing up in an assortment of weird and wonderful costumes. Rugby fans are well known for their ability to party and have a good time, but if you’re a more causal watcher it’s hard to know where to go. So LDN Life has put together a handy guide of our top 5 places we want to go and watch the Rugby world cup. P.S. If you have better suggestions feel free to put us right in the comments.

1). For the Fans

The Ship in Wandsworth is where I always seem to end up after watching the Rugby at Twickenham, logistically it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as it is hardly round the corner, but if you want the fun to continue after a game there is no better place. There’s a beer garden next to the river, big screens and a great BBQ. For the world cup it looks like they’ve turned it up past 11 with six screens and an outside bar.

Go: If you have a thing for partying like it’s 1999 with giant minons

Don’t go: If you want a quiet pint by the river or want the next day to be productive

2). For the Foodies

If you love your food and your Rugby Broadgate’s Summer Live in Exchange Square is worth a look, well as long as the weather holds out. The nearby restaurants and cafés are getting into the spirit by offering themed menus and outdoor barbecues. However it is the promise of street food vans that got our attention.

Go: If the weather is nice and everyone in your group are fussy eaters

Don’t go: If the weather looks dodgy or it’s just before pay day.

3). For all weathers

The Exhibit in Balham actually has everything and you don’t need to leave EVER, if there was a place I’d want to be whilst a zombie apocalypse happened outside, this would be high on the list. They’ve installed a marquee to cover the whole garden and kitted it out with a bar and a giant screen that will show every game. During the group stages there is a £5 ticket charge and there’s also the added bonus of their Diner on the 1st floor and being able to book out their cinema for a private party.

Go: If you want guaranteed entry or have enough friends to take over their cinema

Don’t go: If you’ve been praying to the sun gods and think the weather will be awesome

4). For the “we wish it was still Festival season”

Giant Screen and a big field to watch it in check, DJ’s check, Cool Poncho check, Pop up stores check, craft beers and cocktails check and silent disco check. If this sounds like fun check out Rugby on the Green on Parsons Green

Go: If you love festivals and don’t want the summer to end

Don’t go: If you are scared of mud or don’t like having fun

5). For Cocktail lovers

You don’t have to drink Ale to love rugby, it is perfectly acceptable to drink other stuff to. Northcote Records is well known for their fantastic cocktails and they also now do draft beer (if you really must have one). You can get a pint and a pizza for a tenner, but why go for that when you can sip on a Slow comfortable screw up against a wall (no idea if they serve this) while you team gets pummeled by the All Blacks.

Go: If you love cocktails and partying long after the game has finished

Don’t go: If a large selection of Ales is your main requirement or you want to remember the score the next day.

If this list isn’t doing it for you, Time Out has a good list of suggestions.

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