Ldn Life interviews F1 FanZone Founder Carlo Boutagy

Ldn Life interviews F1 FanZone Founder Carlo Boutagy

With the excitement of the British GP being brought to London for the 1st time thanks to the F1 FanZone. LDN Life had the pleasure of grabbing a quick interview with the F1 FanZone founder Carlo Boutagy.

Why come to the F1 FanZone and not watch it on TV?CARL7696

The big screens and live commentary, combined with the atmosphere of the event, will certainly offer a uniquely immersive and experience. The F1 experience can’t be fully appreciated in front of a small screen! . At F1 FanZone, get an exclusive ‘Caterham TaxiDrift Experience’, look at some of the iconic cars and participate in exciting activities like driving simulations and a pit stop challenge

What if I’m not a big fan of F1 why should I come or should I do something else instead?

This event is for everyone, and includes a wide array of of non F1-based activities, including live music and a beer garden. The electric and lively atmosphere will provide the perfect day out for F1 enthusiasts and uninitiated alike.

Wasn’t there a proposal to use the Olympic park as a F1 track? Was this part of the reason for this event?

F1 FanZones have become a staple at Grand Prix events around the world for years, but never in the UK, so it made sense to finally bring the experience to London. Many fans are unable make the journey to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix, so F1 Fanzone is designed to bring the action to the people. This, not the proposal, brought F1 FanZone to the Olympic Park.

Eddie Jordan is playing with his band, what are they like and are they any good?

Eddie Jordan and the Robbers are a lively, four-person band with upbeat rebel music. They’re not just good – they’re brilliant!

The F1 FanZone is also supporting spinal research charity Wings For Life. Why was this charity chosen? 

Wings for Life is an excellent foundation working to find a cure for spinal cord injury by funding research and clinical trials across the globe. The charity is of course closely associated with Red Bull, who have one of the finest F1 racing teams on the circuit at the moment. To add to this, unfortunately many drivers and motorists have suffered from spinal injuries as a result from accidents, which is why we at F1 FanZone are grateful to support Wings for Life’s inspiring, life-changing mission.

A big thanks to Carlo for taking the time out to speak to LDN Life.

So if you’re as excited as we are about the British Grand Prix and F1 FanZone, then read our preview 


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