Just Eat and Greggs have teamed up to launch the first ever rolling-skating delivery service here in London.

Iconic Greggs goodies like Sausage Rolls, including their vegan version, breakfast and sweet treats will be just some of the products available on ‘rollers’ delivery.

Londoners living near Ludgate Hill and Palmer Street Greggs shops, will be able to get Greggs delivered directly to their doors by the Sausage Roll-er Skating Squad.

Professional roller-skaters will be part of the trial service for Just Eat, which if successful, will be considered for further ‘roller-out’.

To celebrate the launch of the trial, Just Eat also teamed up with Love Island & Dancing on Ice star roller-skating fan Maura Higgins to unveil the trial service.

Just Eat x Greggs – The Sausage Roll-er Skating Squad… from Taylor Herring on Vimeo.