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Why do you write for LDN Life (Be Nice): I like the variety of what LDN Life covers and I’m happy to be involved in bringing some of that variety to its pages

What are you Blogging Super Powers? (AKA like to write about etc.): Given that two of my recent posts have been about zombies perhaps I should say the living dead, but actually it’s any kind of strange goings on in London. If it’s weird and wonderful I’ll want to go there and write about it, especially if it has a naughty side.

What’s your Favourite Blog on LDN Life so far? The one on the Cereal Killers cafe. I thought it was a good opinion piece that I agreed with. This cafe has got a lot of schtick but they’re really only doing what every other bar and restaurant does and it’s a bit different. I haven’t been yet, but I want to. 

What’s your Favourite part of London? I’m a nightowl and I love going out at night to eat, drink and then dance until dawn so East London (more specifically Dalston and London Fields) has to be my favourite part – you can easily find top quality places to do these things, sometimes all three at the same place.

What’s your least favourite part of London? People would probably expect me to say South London but actually it’s West London/Mayfair. Places that play generic house versions of pop music serving wayyy overpriced drinks. There are cool places in these areas, but also too many really bad ones.

Where would you live in London if money was no object? Probably one of those gorgeous flats off Victoria Park.

Favourite Bar? Oh god, this is too, too hard. I’m going to pretend for now you mean strictly bars and pubs don’t count so… Sager and Wilde. I rarely go to the same place twice when I go out as there’s always something new to try but I have been to S + W several times which just shows how much I love it.

Favourite Drink(s)? Short, strong and slightly sweet cocktails with a whisky or rum base – I could drink maple old fashioneds all the live long day. I also like deep, juicy red wines.

Do you have a favourite restaurant? Not really! I have favourite places for different types of cuisine. However, while not my ‘favourite’ the place I probably have eaten at most is Wahaca. I first went when they only had a couple of restaurants but they’re now pretty much a fully fledged chain which I would normally avoid. However, have yet to dislike a meal there and the prices are great.

Favourite Film? Probably The Princess Bride. Or maybe Dirty Dancing. They’re both kind of chick flicks but the only ones of that ilk that I like because they also happen to be perfect movies.

Favourite Band? I’d like to stress that I do not have a favourite band* but my favourite band right now is the Maccabees. Their recent single reminds me how much I like their jangly jaunty style.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? I’d invite Joan Rivers, Jack Nicholson (but let’s take 40 years off him) and Johnny Depp so I can lick his face.

If you could change something about London what would it be? Most definitely the rate of ‘redevelopment’ and how much-treasured venues are closing or coming under tight restrictions. There’s a whole side of London that is being squeezed and is in danger of disappearing.

The question of Shame!!!! Where in London have you not been to that you really should have by now? For a girl who loves drinking and cocktails so much, it’s probably a travesty that I haven’t yet set foot in 69 Colebrook Row.

Personal blog etc.: www.ginglelistseverything.blogspot.co.uk

*Ok, it’s probably Radiohead. 


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