Is Netball the answer to keeping fit in London?

Is Netball the answer to keeping fit in London?

Londoners are in general keen on fitting as much into their day as possible, and therefore fitness isn’t always at the top of the list of priorities. What with juggling work, the commute, and various other commitments, where are you going to find the time to go for a swim or a run?

As a result of this feeling, many of us are often tempted to sign up to a contract at an expensive gym, making the most of the convenience of equipment and showers, and often early morning classes.

Well, yesterday I tried something different. With running being my normal choice, I had not actually gone out for a run for over a month. The problem with running is that it’s only me that I have to answer to, and if the will isn’t there then neither is the way.

I decided to do something completely different…. NETBALL. I heard someone at work talking about it, and I was surprised – I thought Netball was something confined to school days. I couldn’t have been more wrong! There is a whole world I didn’t even know about.

I contacted Play Netball to ask about how I can get involved. As someone who hasn’t played for over ten years, and even then was incredibly bad at it, I was worried about how this would work. They reassured me that they run a ‘social league’ where experience and skill aren’t essential when you first start, and the teams are there to have fun more than anything.

I headed down to the courts in Highbury last night to meet the captain of the ‘Wiggy Wanderers’, Claire. She ran me through the basic rules of footwork, keeping in your area of the court, and the different types of players. I was Goal Keeper in the first quarter, which gave me the chance to observe the game, and then went on to run around a bit more as Wing Defence. I even made a few good passes! The team did well, with 9-11 being the final score, against a higher league team.

The game only lasted 45 minutes, and got the heart pumping – it was also great fun! The teams are very social and relaxed, and people often sub in a second game if they still have the energy. You do have to spare some of your evening, but it’s a great way to break up the week.

I’m not naturally a very sporty person, so was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this sport so much. If you’re looking for a different, and more social, way of exercising I would definitely recommend it!

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