Future Cinema – Ghostbusters – New Tickets announced!

Future Cinema – Ghostbusters – New Tickets announced!

New York is at the centre of a paranormal invasion and only the Ghostbusters can save the city now…

The highly popular Future Cinema has announced a new stream of tickets for their screening of the 80’s classic Ghostbusters. This we’re told is due to their spectacular Halloween Opening at the Troxy, as a result additional December dates are to be released at 13:00 hours, November 6th and are referred to ‘Final tickets’ so suggests that this will be the last time they extend the dates. (Though Cher is about to do her final final tour, so anything is possible)

So with this city heading for a disaster of biblical proportions, the question isn’t ‘who you gonna call?’ It’s are you going to be their to witness it?

For more info visit the Future Cinema website

And finally if bustin makes you feel good, you might want to turn up your stereo and press play….


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