Don’t mind, like or love wine? Then the wine festival at the Square Pig might be for you!

We often come across events, especially for wine that only target serious lovers, with the exception of our Favourite Girls from A Grape Night In who constantly the concept of universally acceptable wine events. Their latest event Toast & Roast could be their best concept yet, especially with the weather quickly getting colder

However they are not the only ones pushing the boundaries on the wine front. From the 2nd to the 5th October 2013; The Square Pig Pub in Holborn flies in the face of beer festivals, in a ‘if we can’t beat beer them’ join them sort of way. They tell us their aim is to introduce the concept of sampling to the man or woman on the street, as well as increase awareness of what Organic and Biodynamic wine is. This is a concept normally reserved for Decanter events, Funky Pop Ups (See above) and over excited friends who just got a guide to wine tasting for their birthday.

They have prepared a list of interesting organic and biodynamic wines along with some ‘not so well known’ grape varieties to taste, so this could be worth a visit if you just like the taste or are a semi-serious wine buff.

Along with the wines they are also having a tapas style menu to go with the wines. Sample prices for the wines start from a very respectable £1.50, so while you don’t need spend a fortune, we are sure you easily could if you really got a taste for it.

For those who are more interested in where the wine comes from and already know the meaning of the word ‘Tannings’ their wine suppliers will also be in attendance, answering any questions. While those who consider themselves true connoisseurs might enjoy a challenge by part in wine quizzes and games, especially as we are well informed that there will be liquid prizes to be won, which we are hoping and guessing will be wine.

So if you are in the area and fancy a sample or 3 get yourself along and let us know what you think!

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