BackDoor Kitchen Pop Up – Interview

BackDoor Kitchen Pop Up – Interview

Tell us about your pop up

BackDoor Salon starts as a collaboration among BackDoor Kitchen supperclub, Cannon and Cannon’s charcuterie sellers and Aperol Spritz UK. Joe and Sean were looking for someone passionate and interesting to give their upstairs space when Salon, their restaurant, is not running its regular activity, we were looking for a bigger “home” where to give our own version of Italian food and, well, Aperol Spritz came as a natural consequence I guess. We had a preliminary chat months ago and when we came back with our project they just thought it was the right one to sponsor.

So, for now, we are in the heart of Brixton Market for 3 Sundays, starting from July 21st.

Why did you decide to set it up?

We founded BackDoor Kitchen as it was the quickest escape route to dreams. With no budget and a lot of recipes and ideas what do you have to do? You found a supperclub and get the party coming to you. Fabio came up with the idea, i had the dream, and we tried to work it out. We didn’t expect to go so far, but mostly to have so much fun along the way.

Backdoor_Salon_teaserWhat makes it special?
I think it’s all about the experience which expands from the culinary aspect itself. It’s about being together, having fun, standing up, talking to the chef, get a bit drunk, having regulars who becomes friends (and viceversa). People come back because they feel at ease, the feel like relaxing, enjoying themselves. New friendships happen as well as summer loves and guests swap emails, phone numbers. Food is really important, of course, to have them keep coming back but on the spot the atmosphere is all that matters.

What is your favourite memory so far?

Rob: waking up at six in the morning, taking a brush and writing “BackDoor Kitchen” in orange letters on the white wall which would have been painted later on that day. The sensation I had made me feel I had got something but, mostly, that, for the first time in London, I was home

Fabio: I remember the uncertainty of the absolute beginners and the few minutes of complete panic that took me to get to rescue Norma and Goeff (our first 2 guests from the outside world!), cause they were wandering lost somewhere around our “dodgy” neighbourhood.

Where can we normally find you?
In Bermondsey, We run ours supperclubs from there.

Why do you choose that/those locations? What makes them special?

The Brixtonites have such a good, free from attachments and easy going food scene. Still they have a lot to say and we felt we could fit in somehow. We like to talk adventures and, mostly, we like good conversations and a good glass of wine. We aren’t and don’t wanna be some kind of food sensation, that’s why we love the Brixton vibes.

What is your signature dish/drink etc?

We have a few. Mint Lamb porchetta is one that we’re gonna show in Brixton and melts together two recipes of Roman cuisine: porchetta and abbacchio plus a twist: using two varieties of Roman mint for the marinade. It smells heaven, it tastes some floors above.

Why should we come and visit you?

When Italians step in our supperclub they come out with a completely different perspective of their cuisine, still they like us very much even if we took their Mammas and brought them to a rave. This is why you should visit us, because all you get its new, surprising but still authentic. You also got a handsome front of house and two secrets Aperol cocktails to discover.

Aside from yourselves what are you favourite Pop Ups?rob_chef_c ooking2
Rob: I love Two Hungry Girls Supperclub and can’t wait to see them in operation again.

And finally what exciting events, news etc. have you got coming up

If you come and fill up all our Brixton seats, we might have more than just 3 Sundays in Brixton, apart from our regular supperclub. So surprises are totally up to you this time…

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