Back in my student days I helped write a Ginger representation policy and a policy on policy on policy, due to the huge amount of policies that seemingly there for no other reason than to have one. Now those days are far behind me but petitions appear to be my new policy (well today at least). Don’t get me wrong, petitions are great, empowering and an important part of a democratic society, but let’s please keep them in context.

So due to yet another petition about a band headlining at Glastonbury, (obviously Coldplay) and the not surprising media coverage of said petition, I felt compelled to create a petition to stop these silly petitions that serve no other purpose than to create headline about said petition. In truth (in my current “man flu” state), I’m not even sure if the title makes sense “A petition to stop petitions about petitions that no one should petition about” but I hope you get the general idea.

If you really don’t like a band at Glasto, perhaps spend your time researching the many other bands and shows across many other stages. Or just vote with your feet and money and don’t go, as there will be many other people who will be happy to go in your place (who actually like them or don’t care). Plus there are many other festivals that you can go to that won’t have said band.

In short, please sign this petition if you are sick of all these silly petitions about stuff that shouldn’t be petitioned.

Sign it now

Or sign something more useful, is full of much worthier causes than this petition or a band playing at Glasto.

And on that note I’m off to ask Mark Zuckerberg, or Zuckers as I like to call him for $1 billion dollars for some cool ideas I might have.